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Our service offerings are housed within our three centers of excellence, namely Data & Business Analytics, Consulting & Strategy and Risk Assurance & Certification. Through these centers of excellence SBS specialists perform continuous research and development to ensure that we amass the latest knowledge, insights, tools and leading practices to help our clients simplify how they do business.

Risk Assurance & Certification

Our Risk Assurance & Certification center of excellence  provides a range of services to our clients including, IT Audits, Internal Audits, Cyber Security reviews, Risk Advisory,  Certification  and Compliance reviews against industry standards that include ISO and PCI-DSS. We perform IS Audits as part of Financial Audits as well as for independent attestation. Our risk management experts are knowledgeable in various models of risk management including those supported by COSO, ISO, ISACA, NIST and other institutions and boards.  This service center also houses our Cyber Center. Read More…

Consulting & Strategy

Our professionals accurately assess problems for our clients, and develop real, actionable solutions that address near- and long-term objectives. All of our engagements are unique as we tailor each project to clients exacting needs and help organisations across a wide range of business functions. SBS Consultants can help you develop a technology strategy aligned to your business objectives. We evaluate the controls of IT functions at organizational, managerial, planning, and operational levels, and benchmark the results against the international IT governance standards, for example, COBIT (Control Objectives for Information Related Technology from the IT Governance Institute), and recommend improvement initiatives designed to help ensure the efficiency and effectiveness IT functions. Read More…

SBS Cyber Centre

The Cyber Centre is a highly specialised team from our Risk Assurance, & Certification service line, which focuses on cyber security. Based at our Cyber Centre in Sandton, Gauteng in South Africa, the hi-tech team makes use of sophisticated commercial and proprietary SBS tools to assess, develop, implement and continuously improve cyber security controls for many organisations across Africa. Read More…

Data & Business Analytics

Large amounts of data are generated each day in organisations (and approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes on the internet). To thrive against competition in this globalised market place, business need to take advantage of both the publicly available data and the data they generate internally.

SBS is your one-stop-shop for your analytics needs, from Descriptive analytics, which analyses your KPIs through Predictive analytics, which provides anticipated business trends and outcomes, to Prescriptive analytics, where past trends, insights and performance are used to craft recommendations and advice for your business.

Our data scientists collect and organise relevant data and manipulate it using statistical and our proprietary algorithms to provide you with valuable insights and intelligence about your business or the market which ….. Read More…

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