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Did you know?

Technology and ICT have been drivers that have re-engineered our society and commerce in recent years. Some might say they have presented opportunities for change that have lead to unique benefits.

Did you know?

Importance of Security!

The cyber security industry is growing as you’re reading this. More specialists join the ranks, more malware is being launched every day than ever before: 230,000 new malware samples/day according to the latest statistics.

Importance of Security!

ICT facts you should know!

Information Technology (IT) is becoming increasingly important to the business strategy, and operations of most organizations today. The increased dependency on technology to deliver value to an organization, to capture and maintain financial statements can raise additional issues of security, integrity and control.

ICT facts you should know!

Revenue assurance

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Information Security Governance

The challenge for most companies is to identify a repeatable process to identify, assess and remediate IT risk without interrupting their business activities. Today’s IT risk environment is more threatened than ever thanks to the growth in sophisticated malware attacks and security vulnerabilities. While technology serves as the single most important driving factor for almost all businesses, it brings along with it a number of vulnerabilities and associated risks. That being said, identifying the vulnerabilities and associated risks is only the beginning.


As we continue on our journey of simplifying your business, it’s our greatest pleasure to introduce to you, our latest offering; AUDITMANAGER, a flexible and easy way to manage your audit engagements. AUDITMANAGER simplifies the entire audit process through your risk assessments, engagement scheduling and planning, execution, review, report generation, trend analysis, issues escalation, and data storage

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